Digital Marketing Internship: what do digital marketing interns do?

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Does not every one of you want to get hands-on experience in digital marketing? I’m sure your answer is YES. Digital marketing is a growing field around the world. Hundreds of thousands of young and energetic people are joining this field to flourish their digital marketing careers.
However, due to a lack of experience, it isn’t easy to get to a high-level position in a short time. So, when newbies in town want to start their career in the digital field, they look for digital marketing internship programs. Mr Shaun Lee, Senior Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn, advised,
If you’re trying to go after senior positions in multinational corporations, you need a wealth of experience. But if you’re going for an entry-level position in a start-up, the barrier to entry is much lower.”


Digital marketing internship broadly includes :

  • Search Engine Optimization, 

  • Pay-per-Click,

  • Social Media Marketing, 

  • Content Marketing, 

  • Email Marketing, 

  • Mobile Marketing, 

  • Marketing

  • Managing Company’s official website.

  • Writing content for the company’s blog or website.


What do the digital marketing interns do?


The digital marketing internship focuses on the digital branch of marketing. Interns in their internships learn to grasp how to advertise brands, business and products online through various digital marketing techniques. As we know, Social media platforms have become strategic for promoting brands and businesses.
Hence, they get the needed practical experience in the digital marketing internship programs. Here are the essential things that an intern does in a digital marketing internship.



 Primary Duties of a digital marketing intern: 


Unlike the school or online digital marketing training, the interns get the practical experience of digital marketing with qualified professionals. In the digital marketing internship, interns learn to work on a variety of digital marketing tools. Their duties include multiple tasks. Let’s discuss the intern’s duties one by one.


First, in a digital marketing internship, the intern will also be needed to develop new ideas and design such digital strategies that will help the client promote their brands and businesses effectively.

Second, the interns will also learn about email marketing while assisting their seniors. The interns themselves will get hands-on experience. Through email marketing, the interns learn to reach out to clients and customers quickly and flexibly.

The interns learn to send messages via emails to market their products and increase their website visits by keeping the customers in touch.

Third, an essential function the interns learn in a digital marketing internship is to prepare optimized content. What we call the famous SEO; Search Engine Optimization. The interns seek to understand how to prepare optimized content.

With the first-hand knowledge they get from their superiors, the interns become moderately good at developing SEO content, which is an impressive skill to learn.

Fourth, the newbies of the digital marketing agencies, which are the interns, get an excellent opportunity to acquire and apply social media marketing knowledge.

The interns research the target audience, develop engaging social media content, and make themselves socially available on the social media platforms to ensure the promotion of their business.

Fifth, while doing a digital marketing internship, the interns have also to make monthly reports for clients and the industry. These reports help them develop better digital marketing strategies and provide the interns with an invaluable learning opportunity.

Sixth, with so many other things, the interns also learn to work on Pay-per-click (PPC), which is also associated with the first-tier search engines. PPC is an advertisement strategy in which the advertiser pays for the ads.

In the digital marketing internship, the interns quickly acquire knowledge about PPC and then have to market the client’s business through Pay-per-click.

Seventh, the interns indeed have to manage the marketing agency’s websites. They take charge of the organization’s official website. The interns post content on it, and they also have sometimes to update the website when needed to do so.

Lastly, the interns write excellent blog posts for the clients and the digital agency in which they do the internship. The written content has to be according to the requirement. Mostly, the write-ups have to be ‘search-engine-optimized.

The interns learn to research trending topics, find the perfect keywords, come up with trending hashtags and last but not least to publish the content on the websites.


What else does the digital marketing internship offer to the interns?


There is a whole ocean of digital marketing skills. The interns at the digital marketing agency and their primary duties also perform secondary responsibilities, including assisting their seniors in their tasks, getting extra work, handling critical issues of the management, generating generation campaigns and constructing reports, etc.
Working as a digital marketing intern can provide the interns with an optimal platform to learn various digital marketing disciplines, which may help them further their professional experience. The digital marketing internship experience allows the interns to discover their interests and choose their specialization with a clear direction. This gives digital marketing interns a broad exposure to learning to apply those marketing strategies in different industries.
In addition to this, the interns develop a lot of networking and contacts in the field. According to a digital marketing report published on LinkedIn, more than eighty per cent of the marketing jobs are got through personal contacts and industry networking. The interns in the digital marketing internship get a wonderful chance to develop their contacts.  Digital marketing internship provides interns with everything they need to excel in their careers. You can check out our section Digital marketing Services for more.

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